Essence Champagneglas, 4 pak

2-pack with champagne glasses from Iittala's popular series Essence.
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Essence champagne glass designed by Alfredo Häberli from Iittala.

The shape of the glass shares many details with the other glasses in the series. Like the wine glass, it has a long and narrow shaft, a lightweight and balanced foot, and is made of thin, lead-free glass and is dishwasher safe. What makes this glass for a champagne glass is the volume and the design of the cup.

The Champagne glass has a 21 cl cup that is smaller, narrower and has a higher edge than the cocktail glasses in the series. The narrower shape has characteristics similar to a champagne flute and is best suited for those who want a more concentrated aroma as well as a prolonged and more concentrated carbonic acid in flavor. This is a classic champagne glass with the Essence contemporary design and features.

Essence champagne glasses are ideal for all the magnificent occasions and moments where the champagne is the highlight. Whether you are celebrating the new year, giving a gift to the newly married couple or celebrating other milestones in life, this glass is a perfect choice. If you want a broader champagne glass that airs the champagne a little more, there is also the Essence Cocktail Glass 31 cl in 2 pcs.


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