Essence Dessertskål/Champagne Glas 31cl 2-pak

2-pack with cocktail glasses from Iittala's popular series Essence.
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Essence cocktail glass and dessert bowl designed by Alfredo Häberli from Iittala.

The cocktail glass has an equally long and narrow shaft as well as the wine glasses in the series. Likewise, it has the same lightweight and well-balanced foot and is made of thin, lead-free glass and is dishwasher safe.

What distinguishes this cocktail glass is the 31 cl cup that is larger, wider and has a shorter edge than e.g. champagne glass in the series. The wider and more open design is suitable for desserts, making it easy to eat and eat with a spoon. You can also choose to drink champagne from the bowl as the open and wide design makes the champagne aired, the flavors may blossom and the carbon dioxide does not get as concentrated and palpable as with the more traditional champagne glass in the series.

Essence cocktail glass is equally suitable for cocktails and welcome drinks with rosé wine or champagne and strawberries, as well as dessert for dinner and party. If you want a narrower champagne glass with properties similar to a champagne flute, Essence Champagne glass 21 cl in 2 pcs and 4 pcs.


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    230 mm

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