Juicy Salif Citruspresse

Juicy Salif is no ordinary lemon squeezer with its unique 60s inspired rocket design, designed by Philippe Starck.
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Juicy Salif citrus squeezer designed by Philippe Starck, from Alessi. Juicy Salif Citrus squeezer is no ordinary juice squeezer. The cool space-inspired design was designed by Philippe Starck 1988 on a pizza napkin during a holiday by the sea in Italy. Who knows what he thought about then but it definitely inspired a unique creation. The juice press is today regarded as a real design icon, and with its dramatic design language, it makes it cool as a decorative item in the kitchen.

The pressed aluminium body of the juice squeezer breathes a 60s inspired stylized spacecraft design. The drop-shaped body fits perfectly under the orange half, making it optimal to squeeze. The juice then flows down along the side edges of the tapered body and is finally concentrated by the pointed end straight into the drinking glass.

Press yourself a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning and enjoy this unique creation. When you are done and have cleaned it, you can place it on the kitchen counter and let it inspire family and guests.

Care instructions:
  • Rinse under running water
  • Wipe off immediately
  • Avoid dishwasher and detergents 
  • If not used for a while, the first set of pressed juice should be avoided as it easily could have a taste of the aluminum

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  • Tåler opvaskemaskine
  • Diameter
    140 mm
  • Højde
    290 mm

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