Vogue Mediebænk 180L, Hvid/2W1B/Messing

Trendy TV bench, functional and well designed in beautiful color combinations with good storage.

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The Vogue Media Furniture meets all the requirements for a practical and stylish furniture. The Swedish brand Decotique has, with the Vogue media bench, designed a furniture that, thanks to all the color and material combinations, fits every home. This variant of Vogue has three shutters, one in brass and the two others in the same color as the cupboard.  

The TV bench is available in two different sizes, a shorter variant that is 136 centimeters with two sliding doors and this bigger one that is 180 centimeters with three gaps. There is an adjustable shelf inside each compartment and also an opening at the back where cables can be pulled through and hidden on the back. The cabinet is based on five legs made of brass.

Cleaning is easy done with a damp cloth thanks to the straight lines and materials. The maximum weight for the bench is, on the top, 25 kilos and inside 30 kilos.


  • Artikelnummer
  • Lev. artikelnummer
  • Varemærke
  • Serie
  • Antal hylder
  • Farve
  • Farve på låger
    Hvid, Messing
  • Farve på stativ
  • Leveres monteret
  • Materiale
    Messing, MDF
  • Med låger
  • Med skuffer
  • Maks vægt
    55 kg
  • Bredde
    1800 mm
  • Dybde
    390 mm
  • Højde
    544 mm
  • Længde
    1800 mm

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